Painting a picture with sound

Warframe – The Duviri Paradox Reveal Trailer (James Fuller Rework)

Description: I began by removing all audio from the original video, and reproducing the environment and music with my own approach. I utilized synthesis to create the backgrounds, wind, sweeps, and various SFX. I utilized real horse recordings and heavy processing to bring the horse to life, while giving it an alien/robotic feel. Subtle nuances of metal clanks can be heard giving the horse a more dynamic feel.

For the score, I utilized synthesis to create cinematic pads and chords to emphasize the ominous nature, and tribal drums to bring power into the mix. I decided I’d focus on a dark sci-fi theme, with elements of spirituality.
This Project was completed in 4 days.
Thank you for watching!
Be sure to check out the original, and appreciate the incredible work that the folks at Digital Extremes put into this trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8DObN_3ha6M
Jafu’s Original score: Google Drive

One Punch Man / ワンパンマン – Fight scene (James Fuller Rework)

All audio was created and mixed by James Fuller

Full credit to Bandai Namco Arts for the incredible visuals.

Description: I scrapped all audio from the original video to begin posting. I started by scoring a musical interpretation of the events that unfold, and settled on Drum and Bass as the scene is high octane. For the Effects, I used a variety of synthesis techniques to create the environment, explosions, and effects, as well as manipulated audio with various methods of processing to achieve a stylistic and authentic rendition of the sound for the scene. The original dialogue is in Japanese; so, I decided against including anything there for fear of botching the accent. Thanks for watching!
This project was completed in roughly 2 days.

Original score: Google Drive

Fanshawe 2017 MIA Award Ceremony Bumper (Daze Crew Music Video)

Description: For this project, we were given the task of creating a series of bumpers for the 2017 MIA award ceremony in team settings. I took the roll of director, music producer, sound designer, and editor for this project. I began by studying 80’s hiphop for a good period of time, whilst attempting to accurately replicate the subtleties and nuances of the lo-fi nature of the music, and correct usage of samples. My vision was to create an “old school b-boy music video” while remaining comedic. Along with the help of co-workers Dave Dunlop and Mitch Dailey, we appeared in the music video and edited the footage. There are some very minute sound design elements at the beginning of this clip.